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Car hire marrakech reviews

22:08 13 Jun 23
Amazing service from Aster Cars. Very reliable and professional. Staff were very friendly. Would definitely recommend Aster Cars for anyone who will be travelling and staying in Marrakech! You will not be disappointed.
Antons Fronovics
Antons Fronovics
21:38 13 May 23
We visited Marrakech in April, our experience with Aster Cars was very smooth. We got full deposit back, and our Dacia Duster was in great condition. Overall, I highly recommend Aster Cars - they did well 👍
Anna Skalická
Anna Skalická
07:23 13 May 23
The best car rental service we could ask for in Morocco. After being scammed by Location auto, we called them and got a cheaper, bigger and super reliable car within 40 minutes. Very friendly staff, no haggling over scratches and super flexibile pick up/drop off conditions (= none, we just said where and when and they arrived). Thank you so much, for making us feel welcome in Morocco! 🙂
Нели Николова
Нели Николова
08:32 13 Apr 23
We are really satisfied with Aster car rental company! Azis helped us a lot, it was very comfortable that he came to bring us the car close to our riad and returning was also on a location close to ours. The car was clean, there were no issues with it and we really enjoyed the service. The deposit is returned on the moment when you bring back the car and he checks it. Totally recommend !
Konstantinos Bachlitzanakis
Konstantinos Bachlitzanakis
05:23 13 Apr 23
They were fantastic. Reliable and easy communication. We picked up the car at our Riad and drop it off at the airport free of charge! Fair price for a clean, new and comfortable car. Definitely recommend.
Rolanda Trečiakauskaitė
Rolanda Trečiakauskaitė
17:50 28 Mar 23
I highly recommend this company. Everything was very good. We had a trip around Marocco. They delivered the car to the agreed place and it's very comfortable. The only thing we've got not perfectly clean car from the inside but it was not a problem. We would rent the car the next time from the same company.
Maciej Lisowski
Maciej Lisowski
10:56 17 Feb 23
Very satisfied. I rented a Citroën sedan and everything was in order. Good price. Free return at the airport and good price for cleanup. Next time I won't be even looking for other renting company. Aster cars are great! Thanks a lot 🙂
Mariana Proença
Mariana Proença
08:05 09 Jan 23
We rented a car for 5 days to drive until Mhamid from aster cars last december/2022 and everything went greatWe even arrived at 1am and it was no problem to deliver the car to us at that late time :)Recommended
17:28 28 Dec 22
Wonderful experience!Nice, easy and fast communication. New car. Everything like mentioned. There was no problem with extending the rent in last min, no problem with changing drop off location on the trip. On time. We also liked the option of paying with debit card and cash and acceptable rate of deposit (around 600 euros)Would highly recommend.Thank you Aster Cars for making our trip in Morocco easy and beautiful. Until next time!
Sarah Manson
Sarah Manson
08:26 16 Sep 22
Used Aster plenty of times and they’re always fantastic. Reliable and easy. Thank you to Aziz for all his help with collection and drop off! Fair price for a clean, new and comfortable car. Definitely recommend.
Alessandro Catinelli
Alessandro Catinelli
13:25 05 Sep 22
Absolutely recommended!!! Everything was perfect, from the beginning til the end: impeccable pick-up service, very friendly and professional, good cars, good prices...what more do you want? Thank you very much 🙂
Tamar van de Paal
Tamar van de Paal
06:12 04 Jun 22
Brahim was very responsive and helpful before the trip as well as during pick-up at the airport. It was very convenient to leave the car with a friendly team member at the city centre close to our hotel. Thank you so much for making our Morocco trip fabulous!
Alae Tebjiou
Alae Tebjiou
23:00 03 Jun 22
As a word of WARNING driving in Morocco is a gamble with a hire car but you are better off going with the well known bigger hire car companies, at least you will have a piece of mind.Stay clear of Aster Cars half of the reviews are fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gustavo Romanillos Arroyo
Gustavo Romanillos Arroyo
18:41 03 Jun 22
A very serious and trustworthy service. Very flexible as well. They provided very quick responses to our demands. We really recommend it.
Franklyn Pyke
Franklyn Pyke
12:31 03 Jun 22
STAY AWAY of these go to bigger car companies. Most reviews are fake.
Dae Dream
Dae Dream
10:53 05 May 22
Excellent service from Brahim and his team. He organised for us an airport pickup in Marrakech to take us to our hotel at a very reasonable rate. The driver was lovely, knowledgeable and there was a very comfortable mini van for the four of us. We then rented a car from him for several days and again it was a smooth service with a very reasonable price. All paperwork done on the spot where the car was delivered (to our hotel), second driver Wass free and the car was brand new. Highly recommended.
Pieter Jan Eyskens
Pieter Jan Eyskens
21:19 26 Aug 21
Really good rental company. Car was clean and reasonable price. We drove 2500km with it in 8 days and didn’t have many problems apart from a crack in the windscreen which was caused by a random stone hitting it while we were driving. Car rental was very reasonable about this and the associated repair costs. Would recommend. Free second driver was also included which was nice!
Andrean Razumovski
Andrean Razumovski
10:23 10 Feb 20
Very good service. You can choose pickup and dropp-off. Very reasonable and lowest deposit we found in Marrakech that you can also pay in cash. Along with the insurance, service and peace of mind, best way to see Morocco.
Peter Otto
Peter Otto
13:45 21 Jan 20
We rented a car from ASTER for 10 days and were very pleased with the overall experience. The car was delivered to the hotel and a representative from the company met us at the hotel to get the car once we arrived back in Marrakesh. Overall, great service!
Сергей Лебедев
Сергей Лебедев
08:57 12 Jan 20
We rented Toyota Yaris for 27 days. Service is good, fast responses. Very friendly staff. Front tires weren't in good condition, however we drove all over the country for 3000 km and everything was ok.If you pay by card, they might be wanted to get from you extra money. Just don't pay if you didn't discuss it before :)Recommended!
Matej Laza
Matej Laza
09:26 30 Dec 19
Very good service, they waited for us at the airport and after only 10´ of paperwork, we could easily leave for our trip. The car was clean and we traveled without any trouble. We also appreciated the possibility of returning the car anywhere in Marrakech, it made our life easier!
Jaroslav Urban
Jaroslav Urban
11:52 07 Dec 19
Great customer experience - they communicate in great english over email, picked us up at our riad, the car was in good shape, there were no problems when returning the car.
Dawid Kolarczyk
Dawid Kolarczyk
11:14 12 Nov 19
We have rented a Toyota Yaris. The car was in very good technical condition and driven smooth. What more the car was covered with ceramic protective layer. The price is right and you can leave deposit in a cash (much cheaper than in other companies). Would recommend.
Rezom Mozer
Rezom Mozer
07:52 12 Nov 19
Very good and very quick service. We have rented Toyota Yaris for 3 days. The car was delivered at our Riad and was in a very good condition. The price is right and what is very convenient, you can leave deposit in a cash (much cheaper than in other companies).
kristina kliner
kristina kliner
13:43 06 Nov 19
We decided to rent a car with local agency, which proved to be perfect. We didn't have any additional costs and expensess, the guarantee was also much lower than with the other providers. The owner was very professional and deserves best recommendations for his attitude. We fully recommend the agency to the travellers across Morocoo!
Victor Diaz
Victor Diaz
21:24 03 Nov 19
Very very very satisfied. Owner was waiting for me at the airport with a sign and my name on it. He showed us the car. Payment and deposit was done. Car was perfect with a few thousands of kms on the clock. At the end of the trip was exactly the same but deposit was cancelled. Simple as that. I had no problems while driving the car in the country. Everything was ok. I will come back, and Brahim, the owner, will know it from now on. Thanks!!!
Marijn Goossens
Marijn Goossens
11:51 24 Jun 19
Terrific service, great car, would recommend.The drop off and pick up service is just great, the staff who helped us was very friendly and helpful. The car was very new and had all the amenities you could look for (USB port, 6 gears, bluetooth audio system, etc.). I would recommend Aster Cars to anyone wanting to rent a car in Marrakech - none of the horror stories you might have read about online come true here.
Jan Jahoda
Jan Jahoda
06:03 28 May 19
Perfect service at a high level. I appreciate the possibility of pickup a car to the hotel and choosing a place to return. Very nice prices and professional communication with customers. Honest access. Definitely recommend.
09:03 10 May 19
Fantastic service from Aster Cars. Was met on time late night at the airport. Car was in good condition. They are not overly concerned about minor scratches which is good driving in marrakech. Would recommend.
hannah melching
hannah melching
20:56 19 Apr 19
The whole rental process was really smooth and easy! We booked on a short notice, the communication via email worked perfectly. We agreed on a meeting point, they were right on time, everything was as they told us before. Also the drop off was very uncomplicated. The deposit was booked back immediately. Would definitely recommend it any time! And it’s a really good option of getting around in Morocco!
Istvan Igaz
Istvan Igaz
07:29 11 Mar 19
Honest team. Even do the car was not the newest, the service Aster Car is providing is really nice. The deposit paid was paid back immediately. I do recommend them and I'll use them next time, too.
Jeff Zhao
Jeff Zhao
13:26 31 Dec 18
Hired a Dacia stepway for 6 days recently. Car was very new. Drove really well. The service of the aster cars staff was second to none. You should feel very assured when booking a car with them. No fuss, no question when picking up my car (the car was quite dusty after driven for 6 days). Highly recommended.
Ozzy Gull
Ozzy Gull
07:43 04 May 18
Travelling to morocco as a group of 6 we hired out a 7 seater from Aster Cars. the customer service was very good. in Morocco you hear alot of about company and people trying to rip you off but Aster cars dealt with us very professionally and made us feel at home.The manager Ibrahim was very helpful , one day we had puncture so as we were a little clueless on where to get it changed he sent an employee to us and got it sorted with in 15 minutes and did not even allow me to pay for it and said it was part of the service. personally i would recommend this company to everyone and would definitely use there services again.from the time they dropped us the vehicle at Marrakech airport till the end of the hire which was 10 days they always provided excellent communication and service.also in addition they provided unlimited miles and also a free second driver without any additional charges. I would highly recommend Aster Cars due to the great customer service, friendly staff and fast responses.
Merikan Koyun
Merikan Koyun
19:40 29 Apr 18
We spontaneously needed a rental car in Morocco and due to the very good reviews I reached out to Aster Cars. My experience with them and their services was all around perfect. Would not hesitate to rent there again or recommend them to my friends.The contact via mail and renting process was very swift and easy. The prices are the lowest amongst the competitors. The delivery to our hotel a bit out of the center of Marrakesh was perfectly on time. The rental agreement and payment was done there directly, which is very convenient.We could drop off the car at the Marrakesh airport at 23:00. Even though we arrived 40 minutes earlier, just a quick call and a mere 10 minutes later, the Aster Cars representative arrived and collected the car. Our deposit was instantly refunded on the spot after checking the car for damage.The delivery and collection services are free of charge, which is a huge bonus!
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Aster Car Rentals met all my expectations and more. After reading many negative reviews about rental cars from various companies, I was reluctant to go with any well known North American or European car rental agencies. I researched and found Aster Cars who’s prices are competitive. What made the difference and why I choose Aster Cars was they offered a service no one else seemed to- they asked where I would like to pick up and drop off the car. Our correspondence via email re questions and concerns was prompt and detailed. I was reassured and confident my car would arrive at my meeting point. The agent was waiting for us with a clean fairly new car which we enjoyed. Drop off was equally easy and paperwork was completed in 2 minutes.HIGHLY RECOMMEND Aster Cars!!!

Melanie Ellwood


Véhicule réservé par Tel et pris à l’arriver à l’aéroport conforme à ce qui avait été demandé (taille de la voiture, gps, 2 eme conducteur) . Retour idem. Le représentant d’Aster était la, à l’heure a fait le tour du véhicule et restitué la caution en moins de 10mn. Je reprendrai Aster la prochaine fois comme les fois auparavant

Geoffray michel


We used this company for several long distance transfers during our two weeks in Morocco. They are very easy to deal with by email, the drivers are professional and the rates are very competitive. Would highly recommend !



A really great experience with friendly professional staff. Service was fantastic and we were met in Marrakech at the exact agreed upon time and location. When we dropped the car off 6 days later in Fes, we were pleasantly surprised that the Aster staff representative was waiting for us and provided absolute hassle-free vehicle hand-over. I would highly recommend Aster Cars to anyone considering renting a car in Morocco!

What more could you want?

Many thanks to Aster Cars for delivering excellence!

Brian Hall


More than happy with the car we were provided – brand new (2018), well maintained. It was a pleasure driving around Morocco. All questions were answered promptly, pick up and drop off were very well organised and didn’t take long. Highly recommend this company if you consider car rental

Maria Smirnova


Fantastic service from start to finish. I was initially very wary of car rental companies in Morocco having read so many nightmare recounts of scams and poorly maintained cars. The service from Aster Cars was exceptional: very professional and fast email correspondence, the driver met us at the airport and quickly signed over the car once we had checked it and were happy. He even set up the sat nav for us and put in our destination address. The car was spotless inside and out and was perfect for our 2 day trip through the Atlas.

Dropping off was easy. We emailed with an hours warning saying when we thought we would arrive and the driver was once again there waiting with us. He even drove us himself to the Riad we were staying in (as I didn’t want to drive through central Marrakech).

Excellent company that I wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

Matt Lurcock


Profesjonalnie, na czas i bezpiecznie! Przedstawiciel czekał na nas przed lotniskiem punktualnie, samochód w bardzo dobrym stanie, żadnych problemów na trasie. Depozyt i opłatę moglam zapłacić karta debetową!. Odbiór bez żadnego problemu. Bardzo miła obsługa, polecam w 100% !!
I can definitely recommend you as solid company. A representative waited for us at the airport punctually. We picked up the car so fast and without any problems. What is important I could pay deposit with debit card. Car was 100% functioning, so we didn’t have any problems on way. If you don’t want to worry about car rental during holiday choose ASTER. Enjoy!



Booking a car on Aster was super easy. After booking, any queries were met with an instant reply and the customer service was brilliant. We met at the airport and were quickly shown to the car. All paperwork was ready and the car was ours in minutes. We requested a GPS which wasn’t there at the time but the guy we met took us to their office and got us one. No questions asked. The car was in great condition and was perfect for our road trips.
Returning was just as easy. We met at the airport and after a quick check, the deposit was refunded and we were on our way. We will definitely be using this service if we visit again – and recommending it to all our friends!

Anthony & Bhavi


We rented from Aster for a week in Morocco. This rental could not have been any easier. We were met promptly at the airport and were quickly on our way. Returning the car was just as easy. There were no games or tricks or gimmicks that you may read about with other companies. Everything was exactly as contracted. We would highly recommend that you rent from Aster.

Chris K


Comme à chaque fois un service impeccable. Un vrai professionnalisme de la part de toute l équipe. Une remise des clés très rapide et un paiement sécurisé.
Une voiture récente et en très bon état
Encore merci et à très bientôt.

Eznagui Rachida


It´s my preferred rent a car company in Marrakesh. I´m client of this company since 2010 and have rented a lot of cars from them without any issue. They give great support, very good cars, smooth rent process and the very kind staff always pick me up at Menara airport to the hotel when I arrive to the city. Highly recommended.

Rui Pires


I was quite worried about hiring a car in Morocco. There are a lot of stories about unscrupulous companies and individuals trying to rip off the customer. This was not my experience with Aster. They were helpful, good communicators who delivered the car to me and met me at the airport when I returned it. The car was very new and had a few marks but otherwise perfect. The scratches were noted on the form and when we returned the car there were no issues.
I highly recommended Aster and would definitely use them again if I returned to Marrakech.



I can honestly recommend Aster Cars. Communication was perfect, car was very good (Dacia Logan), cheap and the workers were very very helpful.

Aleksander Dobrakowski


I highly recommend using Aster Cars. Their pickup and drop off service is very convenient. The car was great, and very fuel efficient. Honestly, I can’t see myself using another rental company when in Morocco from now on. The price is very competitive, and their service and inquiry response time was excellent.

Jeffrey Glynn


fantastic service briliant customer service nice cars very helpfull mr ibraheem and adam no complaints at all 100% recomend them and i will always hire from them

aftab ahmad


Very professional and trustworthy rental service. We booked a car for three days. First of all the communication via e-mail was clear, detailed and quick. Aster Cars is different than others because of their drop- and pick-up service. The car was brought to our riad and picked-up again at the end of our trip. We rented a Toyota Yaris. The care looked the same as the pictures and description: new car, clean and good and with unlimited milage during our period.

After three days the car was picked-up by the same gentle person who we met at the drop-off.

We are really pleased with the whole process and service. There are a lot of different options, such as renting from known rental companies. Aster Cars is in our opinion way ahead of the traditional companies.

Ozkan & Ivana


Travelling to morocco as a group of 6 we hired out a 7 seater from Aster Cars. the customer service was very good. in Morocco you hear alot of about company and people trying to rip you off but Aster cars dealt with us very professionally and made us feel at home.
The manager Ibrahim was very helpful , one day we had puncture so as we were a little clueless on where to get it changed he sent an employee to us and got it sorted with in 15 minutes and did not even allow me to pay for it and said it was part of the service. personally i would recommend this company to everyone and would definitely use there services again.
from the time they dropped us the vehicle at Marrakech airport till the end of the hire which was 10 days they always provided excellent communication and service.
also in addition they provided unlimited miles and also a free second driver without any additional charges. I would highly recommend Aster Cars due to the great customer service, friendly staff and fast responses.

Usman Gull


Wszystko OK. Polecam. Highly recommend.



Aster Cars has the most affordable prices on the market. They punctually delivered the car to our hotel in Casablanca even though they are based in Marrakech. Mr. Ibrahim was clear and efficient in his communication with us and quite helpful. The car was very clean and in good condition. We appreciated the friendly owners and their hospitality to us on our first trip to Morocco. Would definitely use them again and recommend them highly to anyone visiting Morocco!!



Aster cars were incredibly friendly, punctual and helpful. They provided impeccable service and I would be very happy to use them again. The car was in good condition and there was no funny business.

Saul Parry


Mr. Brahim and his staff is very courteous and professional and I would love to recommend his company, Aster Cars, for all your car rental requirements in Morocco.
We loved it that he had the car delivered to us at the hotel of our choice in Casablanca from Marrakech! His prices were way better than all the other companies I looked at. And he provided car seats and boosters for my kids.
Mr. Brahim was honest and clear about everything on the rental contract and was flexible with the payments (card or cash). If there was any question I had, I would just call him and he would be glad to help out in any possible way. That level of personal service and going out of his way to make his customers happy is hard to come by. I would definitely be returning with my family and would not think twice about renting from him.

Riaz (Texas, USA)

Riaz N


Super accueil, contrat fait dans les règles.
compagnie très sérieuse. je la recommande vivement



Well, it is by far the best car rental company we have ever been dealing with. They upgraded our car without us asking for it. GPS was a bit old and probably not updated so it did not know all the street in the south of Morocco but except that (it is a very very small detail) it was a great experience! Can only recommend them!

Andrea Giardini & Fanny Cacherat


Very good car rental agency, i rent a car with my boyfriend for three days. We got free upgrade to better car. Deposit can be leave also in cash, no credit card needed

Anna Dudycz


I recommend Aster Cars. Its the best agency in Marrakech. I rented a car for three days. The car was clean and very well prepared ( free sim card,gps etc.) I did not have any problems with contact , they are replying very fast via e-mail. I got a free upgrade to a better car without any cost. Next time i will rent a car in Aster Cars too!

Jakub Fedorów


Since I use Aster cars , I never think about another car rental company as I go to Marrakech 3/4 times a year . *****



I rented a car from ASTER CAR MARRAKECH.I was very pleased with the communication and the service they provide. The car was nice , clean and comfortable to drive. It was delivered on time, and the paper work was done easily I strongly recommend this car company to any one visiting Morocco, especially MARRAKECH.

Fettah London

fettah Laakroud


Fantastic hire company with a great variety of vehicles and the service is just OUTSTANDING !! Very good value for money – zero complaints – would recommend to everyone!

Seleena J


We rented a car for our trip through the Atlas mountains of a week. Communication was swift and clear, car delivery perfect on time and drop off smooth. The free delivery and pick-up at the hotel was really nice! When I had questions about rental conditions I had a fast and good answer.
We were really pleased with Aster Rental!

Joanna Bergshoeff


I rented car again from Aster Cars for many reasons. fast, trusted, economical, flexible and of course cars are new in good condition. Thanks again for nice vacation.
Vuokrasin auton jälleen Aster Carsilta monesta syystä, nopea, luotettava, edullinen, joustava ja tietysti uudet ja hyväkuntoiset autot. Suosittelut hyvästä palvelusta.

Jani Perho


Fantastic service and great value. Best car hire in Marrakech

Mark Attwood


We rented a car while staying in Marrakech for 6 days and I must say we are very pleased to have rented the car with Aster Cars.
They came at the exact time to hand over the car and gave me all the relevant information needed.
Great communication with quick response.
When I visit Marrakech next time, I will definitely rent a car from Aster Cars.

Agron Llapashtica


We rented a car of the company during a week in the December 2017. I want to write the rewiew for support the company to continue to do their great job! It was really simple and when we arrived to Marrakech airport a man from the company met us there. We booked a 7 seets car, but they bring to us 5 seets car. We showed a document which accept our reservation for 7 seets car and after 10 minutes mr. Brahim – the owner of company comes personally with the car and gave it to us without price increase. He excuses for that mistake, he explains the main rules of driving in Morocco and he was very friendly and polite. The main reason why we chose the company was that it was possible to pay without credit card. We paid everything by cash (rental payment and the deposit). They got back the full deposit after finish our trip when a company member checked the car. I want to very recomend this organization and i wish good luck to mr. Brahim with his buisness, he really makes people happy!

Alex Korepin


Aster car were great! They kept in contact and were very flexible when we changed our pick up location at the last minute. Drop off was smooth and easy. Getting out refund was also fast and efficient. An excellent service!

Jizelle White


Requested a car, got a direct call back & the car was delivered within one hour to our location. The car itself was in an good and safe condition. The service was great & we were even brought for free to the Airport on the day of departure. I can strongly recommend ASTER Cars & will use their services if I come back to Morocco. Timothy Yasser B.

Timothy Yasser B.


We rented a Renault Clio with Aster Cars. Brahim Ibnou Cheikh delivered and picked up the car at exactly the agreed time at our hotel. All administration was handled smoothly. The car was a pleasure to drive, many thanks for your service!

P. de Vreede


We rented a duster and the car itself was superb. Comfortable, remarkably fuel efficient and it ate up the miles. Aster brought the car to the hotel on time and then we were met on our way back into Marrakesh.


We were very content with the car-hire! The car worked without trouble. We could call Aster via telephone even in late evening which was very helpful. …

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