Aster Cars youth football team

Aster Cars, a car rental agency, are proud to sponsor a youth team of footballers. Youngsters aged between 12 and 19 take to the pitch to polish their football skills.

Aster Cars Football Team Video

Dressed in official Aster colours orange and black they represent our values:
• A desire to aim high
• Striving to get better
• Be proud of what we do
• Be a part of a team
• Work together.

We believe that giving youngsters a high motivation, a feeling of togetherness, all being dressed in the same outfits can help them in many aspects. For one it keeps them fit. Taking up a hobby such as football gives them an opportunity to burn calories. At the same time they can interact and built social skills.

Nowadays when children and young people stay so long connected on their smart phones and tablets in social networks it is easy for them to isolate themselves from real people. Dealing with real issues in a real world, not a virtual one, enables them to open up, solve problems, help each other, reach out to each other.

We must prepare the next generation for the real life and equip them with necessary life skills such as empathy, kindness, striving, working hard towards set goals, taking responsibility for one’s actions etc… Sport helps us achieve those goals.

Therefore Aster Cars, a car hire company in Marrakech, are happy to be involved in youth projects. Sponsoring a young football team is our way of giving back to the community.